Pastor's Screed
Sunday, 20 August 2017

There’s no doubt that each of us have had “situations” which, were in a word, overwhelming.  While we may not use the exact words the little boy uses in the commercial, we surely know that we aren’t able to handle the “situation” and we help, pronto.

As Christians, our “situations” generally appear as a tactic from Satan. Satan, as prince of the World knows our weakness. Further, he, seemingly, knows when to strike and what weapon would yield maximum impact.

I did a little research and discovered that Satan, according to Dr. Steve C. Riser hasn’t changed since he confronted Eve in the Garden. You see, according to Riser, when we are tempted, we know we’re being tempted but when Satan uses his AK 47 weapon (called DECEPTION) we’re unaware when we’re being deceived. Lord Have Mercy!

So, for you and me Trinitarians, I’ve lifted a few of Satan’s objectives.

Dr. Riser concludes that THE DECEIVER (Rev. 12:9) desires to give us the most trying SITUATIONS we can have both individually and as an Assembly.  His objectives are;                                                                                 

To deceive us concerning the true nature of sin.                                       

To cause us to doubt the truth of God’s Word.

To cause us to feel inferior and inadequate—low self-esteem                          

To cause us to lose our vitality and credibility.                                                   
To encourage us to abdicate the Christian life.                                                     

To render us ineffective and unfruitful in our service of God.                              

To divide us from others through unnecessary and unresolved conflict. 
TO WIT; WE MUST GO LICKETY-SPLIT                                                                              
TO THE ROCK to REST in His WORD AT THE TIPPY-TOP.                                

Dr. Alvin White, Jr.

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