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Celebrating the  Father, Son  and the Holy Spirit

Dr. Alvin White, Jr. 

Senior Pastor 

Sunday, January 19 2020
Don't SKIP or MISS a STEP  on your way to becoming What God wants you to be 


7th Month The 28th & 29th Lord’s Day 2nd Decade in the 21st Century

 Don’t SKIP or MISS a STEP  on your way to becoming What God wants you to be 
 Listen closely to the words of the Psalmist. Psalm 119: 133-135 133  Order my steps in thy word:      And let not any iniquity have dominion over me. 134  Deliver me from the oppression of man:      So will I keep thy precepts. 135  Make thy face to shine upon thy servant;      And teach me thy statutes. 
 Before you begin to dance, sing or hum the melody associated with Psalm 119:133 concerning “steps,” consider, according to Bishop T.D. Jakes, that steps aren’t easy nor are they a piece of cake. Steps, says the Bishop, are difficult and can be traumatic. In general, steps, in this context,  require that you recognize the requirement to leave the level you are on…and go to another level. 
Pastor tell us what you are saying and preferably, in this paragraph, tell us where you’re going with this.  
Well, here’s what we MUST ask of God without hesitation or neglect: 
Lord, make me humble to seek your MERCY, first. Secondly, Your GRACE is needed to sustain and maintain. 
Except, I seek and receive your guidance, my growth will be stunted and my walk faulty. 

Lord Have Mercy!

Dr. Alvin White, Jr. Senior Pastor 

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